Self-Representation: Small Estate Court Petition

Faitau: English

This fillable form will walk you through a questionnaire that collects the information you need in order to file a Petition for Transfer of Personal Property in Small Estate. This form is appropriate for residents of American Samoa who meet the following qualifications: 1.) You are at least 21 years old, 2.) You are mentally competent, 3.) You are the Decedent's surviving spouse, or someone designated by the surviving spouse, or Decedent's next of kin (different from Decedent's surviving spouse or person designated by Decedent's surviving spouse), 4.) The Decedent resided in American Samoa when they died, 5.) The Decedent's personal property value should not exceed a total of $10,000, 6.) The Decedent did not own any real property (land and/or building), 7.) The Decedent did NOT have a will, and 8.) There are no other court proceedings regarding the Decedent's personal property

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