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ASLA Workshop on Minor Guardianship

February 7, 2017 @12:30pm - 2pm ; American Samoa Community College Lecture Hall

Self-Representation: Minor Guardianship

This fillable form will walk you through a questionnaire that collects the information you need in order to file a Petition for Petition for Appointment of Guardian for a Minor. These are appropriate for use by residents of American Samoa who meet the following qualifications: You may use this interview if: 1.) You are at least 21 years old 2.) You are mentally competent 3.) The Minor resides in American Samoa 4.) The Minor is 12 years old or older AND consents to the appointment of Guardian; OR 5.) The Minor is less than 12 years old and unmarried AND the Minor's parents either (a) consent to the appointment of Guardian, or (b) parental rights have been terminated by prior court order, or (c) parents are unwilling, unable, or otherwise not available to consent. 6.) Petitioner does not need the assistance of a law office to complete service of process or publication requirements if one or both natural parents of the Minor child, is/are residing off-island 7.) Petitioner has original copies of the Minor child’s birth certificate and original death certificate(s) of Minor child’s deceased natural parent(s)

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