Staff, Management, and Board

Board, Management and Staff


          Sitting Right to Left:
Lornalei Meredith, Board Vice President
Larry Sanitoa, Board President
Marian McGuire, Board  Secretary/Treasurer

          Standing Right to Left:
Fainu'ulelei L.P.F. Ala'ilima-Utu, Executive Director
Ipu Lefiti, Board Member

Not Pictured:  Aaron Thomas, Board Member
                       Chuck Greenfield, General Counsel


       Standing Right to Left:
Fini Aitaoto, Legal Assistant/PAI Coordinator
Mona Uli, Paralegal
Fainu'ulelei L.P.F. Ala'ilima-Utu, Executive Director
Frederick O'Brien, Senior Staff Attorney
Arasi Faamausili, Office Manager/Paralegal
Jesse Berenfeld, Paralegal
Taofegauiai Peric, Legal Assistant
M. Scott Hess, Staff Attorney
Jason Mitchell, Staff Attorney

Student Interns

       Right to Left:
William B. Davis, Stetson University College of Law - Florida (Second Year)
Amelia Samuelu, University of Hawaii - Manoa Campus (Senior)

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